I just received the May Costco Connection. Danielle Steel is my all-time favorite author. Your article was so good and a surprise because she kind of stays to herself. Thank you for the awesome article. I enjoyed it more than you will ever know.

Melody Boyd, Southampton, Pennsylvania

I wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful Spade & Spoon feature and Farow COVER STORY!!! They look amazing. I know the pieces will move the needle so much for these businesses + all of the farmers, bakers, cheesemakers, etc. they support. We can't thank you enough! Hope to work together soon on another story :)  

Emily Tracy, Senior Account Manager, Root Marketing & Public Relations

I just came home from the gym to find in my building lobby a fresh stack of 360 West November issues, with your story teased on the cover.    

I am absolutely thrilled with this stunning piece.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it and how delighted everyone at Hotel Chaco  are going to be. And may I just say, wow, what a storyteller you are, Irene.   You made me want to be right there on that trip.

I hope we get to work with you again...and again!

Jan Sheehan, Tucker & Associates Public Relations, Fort Worth, TX

In your November issue of The Costco Connection I found the article "Bees are in crisis: How does that affect us?" written by Irene Middleman Thomas as interesting as articles that I read in National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine. (11/20/13)

-Tomas Mulet, Miami, FL

On Nov. 6, while going through the Fort Worth Star-Telegram travel section, I saw a picture of a star that brought back wonderful childhood memories.The story headline was “Relaxing Roanoke.” Irene Middleman Thomas wrote a wonderful piece about one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world.I was born in Roanoke, but live in Fort Worth now. I love our city and appreciate that others love it, too.

Bonnie Jordan Renegar, Hurst, Texas

Thanks so much for the wonderful article about Roanoke in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I think you really captured Roanoke's beauty, authenticity and quirkiness. 

Chris Morrill, City Manager, City of Roanoke, Virginia

Congratulations!  Looking forward to seeing your NEXT article.  You are the most prolific freelancer I know.  You just keep optimizing your investments in travel.

Linda Ayares, Senior Partner, Finn Partners, New York, NY