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I just came home from the gym to find in my building lobby a fresh stack of 360 West November issues, with your story teased on the cover.    

I am absolutely thrilled with this stunning piece.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it and how delighted everyone at Hotel Chaco  are going to be.   Mark's photos are ridiculously great.

And may I just say, wow, what a storyteller you are, Irene.   You made me want to be right there on that trip.

I hope we get to work with you again...and again! (10/27/17)

Jan Sheehan, Tucker & Associates Public Relations, Fort Worth, TX

In your November issue of The Costco Connection I found the article "Bees are in crisis: How does that affect us?" written by Irene Middleman Thomas as interesting as articles that I read in National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine. (11/20/13)
-Tomas Mulet
Miami, FL

On Nov. 6, while going through the Fort Worth Star-Telegram travel section, I saw a picture of a star that brought back wonderful childhood memories.The story headline was “Relaxing Roanoke.” Irene Middleman Thomas wrote a wonderful piece about one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world.I was born in Roanoke, but live in Fort Worth now. I love our city and appreciate that others love it, too.


Thanks so much for the wonderful article about Roanoke in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I think you really captured Roanoke's beauty, authenticity and quirkiness. (11/13/2013)
- Chris Morrill, City Manager, City of Roanoke, Virginia

Just a quick thanks from La Cruz for your great article which appeared in The Vancouver Sun.  We had a number of friends and family send us "virtual clippings" of the piece.
 As business operators here in La Cruz, we truly appreciate your positive and intriguing article. (11/9/13)
- Chris Bouchard
La Cruz, Mexico

Congratulations!  Looking forward to seeing your NEXT article.  You are the most prolific freelancer I know.  You just keep optimizing your investments in travel. (9/27/13)
-Linda Ayares, Senior Partner, Finn Partners, New York, NY
I recently read the Khan Academy article in the Costco Connection.   I wanted to formally extend my gratitude for including such a wonderful feature article about Khan Academy. (8/27/13)
Ann Doerr
Board Chair of Khan Academy

I always enjoy reading through the Costco Connection and seeing all the new products available or the story of a member who found a niche to structure a successful business around. But I was truly blown away by three separate articles in the August Connection. The Digital School of Sal Khan about a new teaching approach, Elements of Excellence profiling Jeff Charbonneau's teaching successes and Goal Zero about bringing power to small African villages - all three of these articles are so inspiring they brought me to tears. To read about individuals who are so dedicated to making a difference in our world is both inspiring and encouraging. I hope these articles motivate other Connection readers to do what they can to better our world. I know it did for me. (8/1/13)
Ken Grimes
Seattle, WA 

Winner of HSMAI Adrian Awards 2016 for story on Nayarit, Mexico in the Vancouver Sun.